Wednesday, October 5, 2011

W3C "Web Schemas" group is our new public feedback forum

Our Discussion Group will be moving to the W3C forum, which will use the mailing list.
The Google Group will not be completely shut down, however we do encourage all discussion of vocabulary, schema and deployment practicalities to move to mailing list. These are also linked from the Documents page.

This comes out of a plan for closer collaboration between and other related efforts. The Web standards organization W3C has created two related task forces of its Semantic Web Interest Group that are relevant for One is devoted to the technicalities of syntax and other one, "Web Schemas" is for vocabulary discussions. We have decided to adopt this forum as a new home for feedback, since it provides a natural connection point to related efforts from other groups and communities.

The W3C group is open to all, and will have a Wiki and issue tracker to help organize feedback; not only for but for other Web Schemas who are interested to collaborate. We hope this will give rise to collaborations, mappings and shared modeling styles.

Looking forward to greater opportunities for collaboration.