Wednesday, June 2, 2021 is ten! was announced ten years ago this week! Without getting all emotional, this feels like an appropriate moment to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort in any way - from publishers, technologists and standards experts to those who build applications that use the markup, or who work on publishing it from sites across the web. Some but not all of you are named in our documentation (about us; release notes);  but the truth is that the success of comes in large part from the millions of sites who have adopted it as a practical way to communicate the meaning of their content using structured data. was founded on the idea of making it easier and simpler for the ordinary, everyday sites that make up the web to use machine-readable data, and for that data to enable an ecosystem of applications used by millions of people. While it's hard to predict exactly what the next decade will bring, if we can all keep these founding concerns in mind as we improve, refine and curate our growing collection of schemas, we'll be doing our part to continue improving the web.

Dan & Guha